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NEW PRICES as at 1st January 2022

Original 8 hour full body $40

This full body spray tan will give you a natural looking tan using the 8 hour formula. I'll assess your skin colour and spray you as light or dark as you like, I don't charge by the layer!

Rapid Amino 90 minute full body $50

This 90 minute spray tan formula is for those on the go. You'll get a beautiful all over body tan that you can rinse off in 90 minutes after application (colour still develops over 8 hours)

MultiBase full body $50


The MultiBase® formulation offers the added benefit of express development times; Rinse after 1, 2 or 3 hours for a light, medium or dark tan, or leave on overnight for ultra dark.

Half body $25

This half body spray tan is great for those who just want either upper or lower body tanned. (add $5 for Rapid Tan or MultiBase)

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Tinted Tan Extender.png

Tinted Tan Extender - 200ml


Hydrabase body.png

HydraBase Body Moisturiser - 200ml


Tan Toner.png

Tan Toner Skin Wash - 200ml


Hydrabase face.png

HydraBase Face Moisturiser - 50 ml


Tanning Drops Face + Body.png

Tanning Drops Face + Body - 50ml


Tan Removal Mitt.png

Tan Removal Mitt


Self Tan Foam.png

MultiBase Self Tan Foam


Self Tan Fluid.png

MultiBase Self Tan Fluid


Self Tan Application Mitt.png

Self Tan Application Mitt