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Glam Tans

Hi everyone! My name is Tina and thank-you for stopping by.


I always loved getting out during the summer months and getting a tan which always seemed to give me more confidence.


There was something about being tanned that simply felt good! This feeling however was overshadowed by the health concerns that exist from getting a natural tan.

I started exploring various tanning practices and stumbled across spray tanning. I  gave it a go and was amazed at how safe, quick and convenient it was and decided I wanted to share this new experience with others.


Starting out as a mobile spray tan therapist back in 2009, my business quickly grew and I now provide a spray tanning service in the comfort of my tanning salon.


My motto ' a sunless tan for an endless summer '

gorgeous sunkissed tan sexy woman on sunbed spray tanned model Glam Tans
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